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Acid and alkali resistant rubber sheets are widely used in environments with dilute or strong acids, bases, and other chemicals. The acid and alkali resistant rubber sheets produced by Hebei No.6 Rubber Co.Ltd are generally made of synthetic rubber materials, which contain chlorine The composition of butyl and natural rubber, in the further operation process, once again improves the performance of acid and alkali resistant rubber, and the addition of natural rubber will make the rubber sheet more elastic, not easy to tear, and prolong the service time.

The most widely used material of acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet is neoprene, which has a good resistance to acid and alkali chemicals. It will not easily expand, shrink and soften in the environment of acid and alkali media, and can play a role in anti-corrosion. Acid and alkali resistant rubber sheets can be used for the storage and protection of chemical pipelines, while acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts are used for pulp, cement The effect is very good in the environment where chemical fertilizer and other industries transport acidic or alkaline materials.

Due to technical requirements, we will not display the detailed technical parameters of the product here. If you want to obtain technical parameters, you can contact our salesman to obtain the product catalog.

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