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Hebei No.6 Rubber Co.,Ltd has the most complete series of production lines, including industrial rubber sheets, food grade rubber sheets, rubber flooring and livestock mats, as well as customized rubber products. Our rubber sheets are made of high-quality materials that can withstand harsh environments for long-term use and provide maximum durability. Whether you need a reliable surface for your factory or warehouse, or for engineering projects, our rubber sheet products are the ideal solution. With their superior elasticity and superior shock absorption capabilities, you can trust our rubber sheet products to meet all your industrial and agricultural needs.


– [HIGH QUALITY] The rubber sheet is made of high quality material to ensure durability and longevity.

– [Multifunctional Use] Designed for industrial, food, agricultural use, it can be used in many industries.

– [DURABLE] This rubber sheet is durable enough to withstand frequent use and harsh conditions.

– [Easy to Use] Rubber sheets are easy to cut, shape and manipulate to meet your specific needs.

– [Multipurpose] Whether you need sealing, insulation or shock absorption, it can meet your needs.

The most commonly used types of rubber sheet products are: SBR / Nitrile / Neoprene /EPDM / Natural / Viton, view by product for more details:

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Industrial Rubber Sheet

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Neoprene Rubber - Commercial

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Neorepne Rubber - Top Quality

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Nitrile Rubber - Commercial

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Nitrile Rubber - Top Quality

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FDA White Rubber Sheet

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EPDM Rubber - Top Quality

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Viton Rubber Sheet

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High Elastic Rubber Sheet

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Insertion Rubber Sheet

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Color Rubber Sheet

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IEC 61111-2009 Insulating

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Flame Retardant Rubber Sheet

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Rubber Flooring

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Drainage Mat

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Animal Mat

Rubber sheet working temperature

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Rubber Sheet Specifications

Thickness: 1mm -100mm

Width:1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m

Length: 5M /10M /15M /20M

Gravity: 0.98g/cm³ – 2.0g/cm³

Hardness: 35±5 – 80±5Shore A

Tensile strength: 1 – 20Mpa

Elongation: 100% – 700%


Oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant, insulation rubber sheet product parameters may be different, please contact us via

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1. Gasket, seal                                                2. Automobile industry

3. Building construction                                  4. Ocean

5. Chemistry                                                   6. Petroleum industry

7. Medical                                                       8. Electricity

9. Food                                                          10. Mining transportation

The application field of rubber sheet is vast and varied, due to its numerous desirable properties and diverse uses. Rubber sheet is commonly used in industrial settings for gasketing and sealing purposes, as it provides excellent resistance to weathering, chemicals, and abrasion. 

It is also used in automotive industries, where it is utilized for making seals, hoses, and belts, ensuring the efficient functioning of engines and other components. 

Additionally, rubber sheets find applications in construction and architecture, where they are used for wa waterproofing roofs and 

protecting structures from moisture. 

Furthermore, rubber sheets are popularly used in the healthcare sector, particularly in the manufacturing of mattresses, cushions, and medical equipment, where their high elasticity and shock-absorbing capabilities are highly valued. 

versatile nature and ability to withstand extreme conditions, the application field of rubber sheet extends to numerous other areas as well, including electrical insulation, sports and recreation, and even fashion and design industries, where rubber sheets are used for creating fashionable clothing and accessories. 

Overall, the broad application field of rubber sheet highlights its indispensability and versatility in various industries and sectors.