Chemical resistant rubber sheet 2.0g/cm³ FKM high quality

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  1. High quality acid and alkali resistance
  2. Chemical Resistant Rubber Sheet
  3. Long use time
  4. Strong resistance

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chemical resistant rubber sheet

Chemical resistant rubber sheet

chemical resistant rubber sheet

In some special industries that need to be in contact with chemicals, at this time, chemical-resistant rubber sheets are required to lay for protection. There is no heavy rubber smell, so the harm to the human body is relatively small.

There are many types of chemicals, involving the most common acid and alkali substances, as well as acetone, other ammonium nitrate, diluted sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc. The material of FKM makes the chemical-resistant rubber sheet better guaranteed and the effect is better .

The concentration of chemicals and the temperature of use are important factors in how to choose a chemical resistant rubber sheet. Choosing a suitable rubber sheet will greatly improve work efficiency. FKM rubber maintains very well in the high and low temperature range, and the wide and stable temperature range can accept most application industries.

Our custom chemically resistant rubber sheets are produced to meet specific individual needs. It is very important that the formulation used to generate resistance is accurate; therefore, it is not appropriate to choose stocked products. We go into the production of these rubber sheets with great care and ensure that the specifications are perfectly matched to each unique workplace requirement.

chemical resistant rubber sheet







70±5 Shore A