Conductive rubber sheet

Conductive rubber sheet suppliers

Conductive rubber sheet is produced by adding minute conductive metal particles into the entire rubber compound. The resulting product has slightly increased hardness and specific gravity and is slightly less extensible than the base non-conductive rubber compound. This provides electromagnetic interference shielding and waterproof sealing in a narrow structure. The conductive rubber sheet can be used as electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding gasket material where low compression set is required. The conductive rubber sheet is typically used where space is limited and a flat surface is required. And, conductive rubber sheet also be used for electromagnetic pulse protection, waveguide applications, and anti-static.

conductive rubber sheet suppliers

We are one of the leading conductive rubber sheet suppliers and manufacturers in China. We produce and supply conductive rubber sheets with various sizes, thicknesses and colors to meet different needs. Our conductive rubber sheets are made of high quality rubber and are designed to be durable and long lasting. We offer a wide range of conductive rubber sheets for a variety of applications, including electrical, electro-static, anti-static and anti-slip.

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