CR rubber sheet(Neoprene)

Neoprene rubber sheets suppliers

Neoprene rubber, also known as “CR” rubber sheet, or Chloroprene rubber sheet, is a kind of rubber sheet with good acid and alkali resistance, and is widely used in various fields. Neoprene rubber has good resistance to ozone and sunlight, and has excellent electrical insulation properties. It is used in a wide range of applications, such as in electrical insulation, gaskets, thermal insulation, sealing, and so on.(The following specifications are for reference only, other specifications need to be consulted

Neoprene sheets generally come in three forms: solid neoprene sheets, neoprene foam sheets, and neoprene strips. We usually produce the most solid neoprene sheets. As neoprene rubber sheets suppliers, we also produce Foam rubber sheet, but this needs to be customized. If you want to find foam, you can contact our salesman for specification customization. There is no foam rubber sheet published on the website.

neoprene rubber sheets suppliers

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