rubber block manufacturers

In the actual process, most customers will custom rubber sheets and gasket, the gasket seals mentioned here do not include flange gaskets, and custom rubber gaskets need to be purchased in large quantities. 

Because of the customization of seals and rubber block, we do not have a lot of inventories. I hope you can understand that the specifications and requirements required by each project, whether it is a family, individual or enterprise, are different. That is why we do not have inventory. 

We hope to customize them for our customers according to specific projects, so as to better save costs and solve problems.

What we do are not only rubber sheets, but also other products. For example, as a rubber block manufacturers, we can produce rubber blocks with different of specifications; the drawings can be customized according to the actual project needs of customers, and the customization time may be longer than the spot time.

rubber block manufacturers

Custom Drawing Case

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rubber block manufacturers

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