1.9 g/cm³ 2mm FKM rubber roll

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1. Material: Viton rubber

2. Thickness:1mm-100mm

3. Width: 3m max

4. Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll or as your request

5. Gravity: 1.9 g/cm3

6. Tensile strength: 5-6Mpa

7. Elongation: 300%

8. Heat temperature resistant ( long time: 200℃)

9. Heat temperature resistant (short time: 230℃)

10. Instantaneous temperature (250℃)


FKM rubber roll

FKM rubber roll has excellent aging resistance, high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, oil resistance, high vacuum resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and various chemical characteristics.The surface of the fluorine rubber sheet is shiny, and it is the heaviest rubber sheet

It can work in air or oily or acid (alkali) 30% medium at a temperature of -20~+300°C.  It can be made into various seals, seal rings, etc., and can also be used in the aerospace field

In terms of aging resistance, FKM rubber roll are comparable to silicone sheets and superior to other synthetic rubber sheets. Type 26 fluorine rubber plate can work at 250°C for a long time and at 300°C for a short time. after aging at 200℃×1000h, the 23-type FKM rubber roll still has high strength and can withstand short-term high temperature of 250℃. 

The performance change of FKM rubber roll at different temperatures is greater than that of silica gel sheet and general-purpose butyl rubber sheet.

Its tensile strength and hardness both decrease with the increase of temperature, and the change characteristics of tensile strength are: below 150°C, it drops rapidly with the increase of temperature, and between 150-260°C, it decreases rapidly with temperature rising and falling slowly.

FKM rubber roll
FKM rubber roll
FKM rubber roll
FKM rubber roll
FKM rubber roll