2.1 g/cm³ black viton rubber mat

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  • High temperature resistant
  • Wear-resistant
  • Anti-aging
  • Hard to corrode
  • Environmental friendly

Viton rubber mat

Viton rubber mat  have excellent chemical stability and are resistant to most oils and solvents, especially various animal and vegetable oils and acids. It has good tensile strength, but little elasticity

Viton rubber mat  has high temperature resistance and aging resistance, is the best all-round performance among all types of rubber, and has strong corrosion resistance.

The stability of fluorine rubber sheet to hot water depends not only on the characteristics of raw rubber, but also on the combination of rubber materials. For fluorine rubber sheet, this performance mainly depends on its vulcanization system.

As a high-quality raw material choice for sealing products, FKM rubber is essential for its compression set performance, which will not change easily even under high temperature conditions.The air permeability of the viton  rubber mat  is relatively low among all rubber sheets, which is similar to that of the vacuum rubber sheet.

The flame resistance of rubber depends on the halogen content in the molecular structure. The higher the halogen content, the better the flame resistance. The fluorinated rubber sheet will burn when it meets a flame, but it will self-extinguish when away from the fire. It is a self-extinguishing flame retardant rubber sheet.

In addition, fkm rubber mat can also be used in conjunction with natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, silica gel, and nitrile rubber to reduce costs and improve physical and process performance.