2.0g/cm³ Black thin FKM (viton) rubber sheet roll

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  1. Fluoroplastic sheet is the highest quality in SBR/NBR/CR/NR/EPDMZ
  2. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, can be in contact with chemicals
  3. Anti-aging effect is very good
  4. The surface is very smooth, which is different from other rubber sheet surfaces
fkm rubber sheet

FKM rubber sheet description

This is high quality rubber sheet roll

First things:
FKM rubber sheet can work continuously at a high temperature up to 200°C. It can work continuously for a long time at a low temperature of -30°C without affecting its performance. However, if it is in an instant, the high temperature of FKM can reach 250°C. It can reach 230°C even for a short time.

Note: The concepts of instant and short time are different, please do not confuse

FKM rubber sheets can be used no matter the working environment is good or bad, and its quality is undoubtedly the best. The black rubber plate we produce has a specific gravity of 2.0g/cm³, and the surface is extremely smooth, which is different from the surface of other rubber plates. 

This rubber plate in the form of rolls works exceptionally well in all walks of life. Its high and low temperature resistance Performance, apart from silicone and more advanced fluoroelastomers, there is almost no other comparable.

FKM rubber covers almost all the advantages of rubber, and can be used in workplaces with corrosive chemicals, as well as in oil and gas, oil pipelines, natural gas transportation pipelines, offshore petroleum engineering, etc. best performance status.

We are a leading manufacturer of FKM rubber sheet, and we have obtained international certifications such as SGS, REACH, etc., the quality is fully guaranteed, the after-sales service is complete and online at any time, you can send inquiries to us through the website, or ask for quotations, and we will respond immediately Reply to you as soon as possible.








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