High quality viton oil resistant rubber sheet

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High quality oil resistant rubber
oil and gas engineering can use
cut into any form

Oil resistant rubber sheet

Fluorine rubber itself has oil resistance

Viton rubber sheet PK NBR rubber sheet, which one is better?

The oil resistance of fluorine rubber is better, and the advanced quality of NBR can only be used in oil and gas engineering, but the performance of fluorine rubber 2.0g/cm³ is better in the process and the use time is longer. Then the FKM price is higher.

Oil-resistant rubber sheets are used in special places, and the requirements for rubber sheets will be more stringent. Oil resistant rubber sheet is also determined according to the actual working environment and economy. Not all oil-resistant rubber sheets can withstand oil, diesel, etc.

oil resistant rubber sheet
oil resistant rubber sheet

In general, only ordinary oil resistant rubber sheet is needed, which is relatively more acceptable in terms of price. We will recommend customers to use high-quality oil-resistant rubber sheets for aerospace, auto parts, offshore oil engineering, etc.

We can customize according to the product requirements provided by customers, size, parameters and oil resistance, and can be put into production in the fastest time and shipped as soon as possible. Special products will be tested before transportation to ensure that the product quality is up to standard, and will notify our customers.

oil resistant rubber sheet







70±5 Shore A