1.6g/cm³ 3mm SBR White rubber roll

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White color SBR material rubber sheet
3mm Industrial rubber sheet (Not FDA quality)
Ordinary wear-resistant
Basic general purpose rubber sheet

white rubber roll
white rubber roll

Factory Production Line

white rubber roll

Hebei No.6 Rubber Co.,Ltd is one of leading manufacturer of rubber sheet and supplier in China, in addition to the production of rubber sheets, we can also produce special requirements of rubber sheets, and other rubber blocks, rubber parts, etc. . 

We have passed SGS and RoHS2.0, as well as REACH product certification, and the exported products fully meet the standards.

SBR white rubber roll description

SBR white rubber roll is made of styrene-butadiene rubber and other base materials, and has been vulcanized. 

Generally speaking, black is used more in industry, but some special industries have requirements for the color of rubber sheets. We can customize as cusomers request or drawing.


Mixed in for customized production, white rubber sheet generally appear in the form of rolls, and are more convenient to use, and can be cut into any shape, whether it is an individual or an enterprise.

SBR white rubber roll has good mechanical properties, excellent wear resistance, and suitable economic cost, making SBR rubber the most widely used rubber sheet in many industrial fields.

white rubber roll
white rubber roll

If there are no special requirements for rubber sheets in general environments, such as acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, oil resistance, oil and gas, natural gas pipeline transportation, contact with corrosive chemicals, use in extreme climates, etc., SBR can be used.

SBR is also one of the raw materials for many gaskets, gaskets, and seals, as well as pads, such as bridge rubber block, jack rubber blocks, and roof support system base supports, etc.








60±5° Shore A