12mm Horse corrosion pattern&groove back stable mat

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Thickness: 12mm
Design: Corrosion pattern + groove back
Material: Rubber
Size: 4FT X 6FT

Stable mat suppliers

Why do we need heavy duty stable mats on farms?

As stable mat suppliers, we produce and sell a series of heavy-duty barn mats and stable mats for horse farms, these heavy-duty mats can isolate the ground from animals and play a good protective role, and the special mat surface has anti-slip function.

It can prevent animals from falling due to freezing on the ground in cold weather, and can prevent falls even in normal times.

Stable mats can well protect animals from the cold and ground air from invading the animal body, and provide a softer standing surface, which can not only relieve the fatigue caused by standing for a long time.

But also reduce the impact of ground bacteria on animals, while improving The productivity of animals, in a state of comfort, produces the greatest profit.

For stable mats, dairy farms can also be used, in addition to the various benefits mentioned above, the udder itself is a location worth protecting if the cow’s udder is injured, either because of pressure on the hard ground, or because the ground Bacteria, or a puncture with a sharp object, can cause a serious injury. 

Once the udder is inflamed or more serious, it cannot produce high-quality milk, or even produce enough milk. 

This is a big problem for farmers and farmers. It is not a small loss, whether it is a barn, a horse farm, a farm, or a breeding farm, it is a large investment for the breeder, and a lot of time is spent on breeding, so it is more necessary to take care of the animals. 

Take the damage, keep your body healthy enough to produce enough good quality milk, or get better in return.

What is the difference between stable mats made of "RUBBER" and "EVA" materials on the market?

EVA material is a kind of polymer material processed by vinyl acetate copolymer. Its advantages are light weight, good elasticity, good flexibility, and not easy to wrinkle, but its disadvantages are also obvious, such as bad smell and easy water absorption. 

During the rainy season, or for a long time, some bacteria or microorganisms will be produced. EVA is not environmentally friendly, easy to get dirty, and needs to be cleaned in time.

The rubber material is made of natural rubber NR, styrene-butadiene rubber SBR, and EPDM. It is heavier than EVA, but it is not easy to seep water, even in the rainy season. The surface is waterproof, plus The bottom groove can drain the water on the ground in time. 

It has good wear resistance, elasticity, and good softness. It will not break even if it is bent. It has a wide temperature range, weather resistance, good ductility, stable shrinkage and good hardness. 

Stable mat suppliers - what can we offer you?

A qualified stable mat supplier can provide a variety of heavy-duty cow mats with anti-skid properties, whether it is a puzzle or a rubber mat with a flush edge, and there are many kinds of backs, cloth patterns, flat surfaces, grooves, etc., easy to install and remove, easy clean. 

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As stable mat suppliers, we hope that you can provide the best rubber mats for your cows or horses, and at the same time provide you with a better quotation that suits you. If you need a quotation or have any questions, you can contact us get a reply.

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