1.5m Width black 17/20mm thickness stable mat

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Thickness: 17/20mm
Design: Turtle
Material: Rubber
Size: 1.5m width

Stable mat company

This stable mat can be moved as necessary, has increased traction for human and animal feet, and can be cleaned easily with water and household detergents. It is an eco-friendly reclaimed floor mat that is durable and affordable. It is perfect for use in horse stalls, cow stalls, pig stalls, animal care facilities, farms, ranches, and even basements.

stable mat company

Choose a comfortable environment for the animal - stable mat company

The rubber mat itself has superior moisture and water resistance, and a wide range of operating temperatures, so even if it is used in a cold place, it will not break and cracks will appear on the surface of the mat.

All stable mats are vulcanized, and curling will not easily occur , for curved cases, black is the most commonly used color, Hebei NO.6 Rubber Co., Ltd can also provide the lock edge design, which will be more firm and will not move easily.

And the texture of the surface can effectively prevent the surface from being hard due to the ground Dangerous accidents will occur due to smoothness, and the thick rubber sheet can provide a warm surface for animals in the cold season, and will not be very cold like the floor or other floors, causing animals to get sick.

stable mat company

These stable mats interlock with each other and are made from recycled rubber that is 100%. There are no overpowering rubber smells, hidden contaminants or fillers, and no grooves where bacteria can grow. 

They are easy to lay on farm floors or horse barn floors and easy to keep clean. 

Many horses, cattle, and heavy animals sleep in a standing position, so cushioning your stable with these stable mats can increase their safety and promote their health. 

Interlocking edge paving mats are a great choice for farm paving floor for a variety of reasons. 

Some benefits of these mats are that no adhesives are required to hold the mats together, they are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, and they are easy to install and disassemble.

As an experienced stable mat company, we have provided rubber mats of different specifications to customers in many countries. We can provide, different customization solutions for the overlock form, size, thickness, surface pattern, and back form of the mat. 

Each mat They all have different applications. The design of the back of the groove is more conducive to drainage. 

It is very suitable in places with more rainy seasons, but the cloth pattern on the back of the above one is more suitable for indoor use, such as barns and horse farms. , or used as a floor mat on a trailer, the surface is waterproof, and the back has a firmer grip on the ground, but it is not conducive to ground drainage, so it is recommended to use it indoors.

As an experienced stable mat company, we hope that you can choose suitable mats for your farm to make your animals stand more comfortably on them. If you need to get their quotations, you can contact us>>