40mm 0.86m*0.12m Black farm slat rubber mats

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Thickness: 40mm
Design: rectangular strip
Material: Rubber
Size: 0.86m*0.12m

slat rubber mats

Slat rubber mats

Hebei No.6 Rubber Co., Ltd has researched and produced a new rubber mat. This high-quality rubber mat is called slat rubber mats. Compared with ordinary cow mats, it is more suitable for large-scale farms, indoors or outdoors, and the surface drainage is better. 

Easy, the water leaks faster, and it is composed of small rubber mats one by one, which is easier to disassemble and install during moving. At the same time, the traction of this slat rubber mats will be stronger, and it is more non-slip than ordinary rubber mats. 

The surface is fine Grooves, and some rectangular strips, easily solve the problem of animal slipping.

But you don’t have to worry about its comfort, it just makes the animal feel more comfortable, the animal’s usual feces and urine are better, faster drainage, even cleaning will be easy, of course you can’t use a mop, you need to use a high-pressure gun , which would be better.

Slat rubber mats advantage:

  1. Get animals up or lying down more easily
  2. Buffering on the surface of the concrete so as to reduce edema and fetlock lameness to the maximum extent possible
  3. The weight increase, as cattle often show an increased conversion rate of rubber to concrete feed
  4. The producer is able to fatten the cattle faster as they reach the target weight faster on rubber to concrete
  5. The producer is also able to purchase lighter cattle as the rubber flooring allows the cattle to stay on the planks longer without adversely affecting their performance
  6. Problems related to your farm and profitability

The slat rubber mats is made of high-density re-vulcanized rubber, the surface is flat, without slope, and the surface does not absorb any liquid, effectively isolating the ground and animals.

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