3mm 1.5g/cm³ Black Skirtboard SBR rubber sheet

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1. Material: 100% recycled rubber
2. Thickness: 3mm
3. Width: 3m max
4. Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll or as your request
5. Gravity: 1.5g/cm³
6. Hardness: 70±5
7. Tensile strength: 6Mpa
8. Elongation: 400%

Skirtboard SBR rubber sheet

Skirtboard SBR rubber sheet is a sheet-shaped product with a certain thickness and area made of styrene-butadiene rubber as raw material and vulcanized. Skirt board SBR rubber sheet is the variety with the highest output and largest consumption among synthetic rubber sheets.

Because of its good wear resistance, high tensile strength and aging resistance better than natural rubber sheet, it is widely used in tires, tapes, hoses, and wires. The production field of cables, medical equipment and various rubber products. According to whether it is with insert or not, it is divided into pure rubber sheet and insertion rubber sheet.

According to the use, it is divided into industrial use rubber sheet and rubber flooring roll. According to physical and chemical properties, it can be divided into anti-slip rubber sheet, insulating rubber sheet, striped anti-slip rubber sheet, round button anti-slip rubber sheet, flame-retardant rubber sheet, acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet, oil-resistant rubber sheet, etc.

We can also make rubber sheets in various shapes and colors according to your requirements. Skirtboard SBR rubber sheet has high hardness and can work in environments with high pressure requirements.

Skirtboard SBR rubber sheet
Skirtboard SBR rubber sheet

Skirt board SBR sheet can improve stability and enhance tear resistance by adding fabric to the interlayer. Skirtboard SBR rubber sheet has superior wear resistance and tear resistance. By adding fabric, it can improve higher tear resistance and is suitable for more Many industries.

Skirtboard SBR rubber sheet
Skirtboard SBR rubber sheet