10mm-20mm rubber slats for cattle for bullpen

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  • Waterproof
  • Anti-aging
  • Wide used of application
  • Environment-friendly
  • Customized

Rubber slats for cattle

As an indispensable paving material in the livestock growth environment, the rubber slats for cattle not only plays a role of anti-slip drainage, but also plays a vital role in the prevention of livestock diseases

As we all know, for large livestock such as cattle and horses, the moisture-proof and anti-corrosion environment is very important. The rubber slats for cattle has good water resistance and easy cleaning. 

The unique pattern on it can quickly clean excess waste water and inhibit bacteria. , Reduce lameness and livestock culling rate, while ensuring the safety of workers and livestock, reducing slipping.

The pattern of each rubber cow bed mats has different functions. For example, the rubber slats for cattle  with dots can massage the livestock, promote blood circulation, strengthen the health of cows, and accelerate the growth of livestock.

Compared with ordinary wooden boards or other materials, cow mats are softer and more elastic, not as hard as concrete floors, which can reduce the impact between livestock and the ground and protect knee joints. 

Moreover, the wear resistance of rubber greatly reduces the replacement cost of bedding, which is a very good choice compared to grass, sand, lawns, etc. that need to be frequently purchased.

rubber slats for cattle
rubber slats for cattle
rubber slats for cattle