Heavy Duty Rubber Sheet For Cow 4ft X 6ft 17mm

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1. Material: synthetic rubber
2. Thickness: 17mm
3. Size: 4ft x 6ft
4. Gravity: 1.5g/cm3
5. Hardness: 65±5

Rubber sheet for cow detail:

rubber sheet for cow

Cow rubber mats are specifically designed to provide comfort and protection for these gentle animals. Made from durable yet flexible rubber, these sheets provide cows with a soft, smooth surface to rest and lie on. They are an important part of the dairy farm and are used in a variety of applications to ensure the overall health of the cow. These sheets are often placed in cattle 

pens, stables or milking parlors to provide a hygienic and comfortable environment. The rubber material used in these sheets is easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for use in areas where cows spend a lot of time. In addition, rubber materials have excellent thermal insulation properties, which can provide warmth to cows in cold weather and prevent them from health problems. By using rubber sheet for cow, farmers can create a supportive and stress-free environment for their cows, thereby promoting better milk production and overall health.

rubber sheet for cow
rubber sheet for cow