High quality rubber roll with ply 65±5 Shore A

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Rubber roll with ply is Insertion rubber sheet, this kind of rubber sheet can be used in many industrial fields. For example, it can be used for insulation, sealing and soundproofing in the construction industry, or for anti-vibration and anti-skid purposes in the automotive industry. It is also commonly used in the food and beverage industry for applications such as conveyor belts, gaskets and tubing.


Rubber roll with ply

Rubber sheets are divided into rubber roll with ply , insulating rubber sheets, acid and alkali resistant rubber sheets, etc. The rubber roll with ply has medium pressure, strong tensile force, small deformation, waterproof, shockproof, sealing and other properties, and can effectively resist erosion.

The insertion rubber can be used to punch various rubber rings, rubber pads, seals, buffers and light conveyor belts, etc., and work in environments with high requirements for strength. Rubber roll with ply has high hardness, general physical and mechanical properties, and can work in the air with low pressure and temperature of -40°~+100°C.

Insertion rubber sheet is made of compounded rubber by calendering or extruding, vulcanizing with a flat vulcanizing machine or continuously vulcanizing with a drum vulcanizing machine. Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation departments and the ground of houses, etc. Used as sealing rubber rings, rubber pads, door and window seals and laying workbenches and floors.






60±5° Shore A