Customized 7mm-22mm hollow drainage mat natural rubber or synthetic rubber

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Thickness: 7mm/ 12mm/ 13mm/ 15mm/ 19mm /22mm
Weight: 8.0KG/PC / 8.4KG/PC / 3.4KG/PC / 7.2KG/PC /9.4KG/PC / 6.7KG/PC / 19KG/PC / 1.85KG/PC / 17KG/PC / 5.6KG/PC /5.2KG/PC /3.3KG/PC
Colors: Black, Red,Blue,Green
Material: Natural Rubber, Reclaimed Rubber
Application: kitchen, lawn, deck, workshop, workbench, etc


Rubber mat suppliers

The interlocking rubber mats are excellent in terms of safety, drainage, and ease of installation. Made from reclaimed rubber, these floors are durable and affordable, as well as being eco-friendly. Interlocking rubber mats are perfect for DIY projects because the edges fit together perfectly. Non-slip floor mats like these will save you both time and money.

We are rubber mat suppliers. We produce high-quality yellow mat, which is not only beautiful, but also more durable and wear-resistant. This hollow mat is pressed into a circle or quadrangle, with various anti-skid patterns on the upper side, and it is interlocked or straight. It is widely used indoors and outdoors. 

It is waterproof, easy to clean, and does not produce dirt. When used in most environments, such as the kitchen workbench floor, it can not only protect the floor, but also reduce the dangerous accidents caused by slippery floors, enhance the grip and safety, and greatly reduce the physical fatigue of workers, because its surface has many pictures, it can also play the role of anti fatigue, and this cushion is easier to clean, discharge sewage and dirt, and is more hygienic.

Rubber mat suppliers produce hollow mats in black, red, green, blue and different specifications. You can find products that are suitable for you here. We have rich experience in customization, whether used as an enterprise or a personal family.