17/20mm Black heavy duty rubber mat for dairy farm

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Thickness: 17/20mm
Design: Round dot square + Groove
Material: Rubber
Size: 2000mm width max

Rubber mat for dairy farm

The rubber mat used in dairy farms can bring safety and warmth to animals. The thickness of this rubber mat is 17mm or 20mm. It is also called heavy-duty rubber mat. It is produced by vulcanization of natural rubber and recycled rubber. 

It can protect the original The floor is a damage to the floor caused by large animals. This damage is relative. Humidity and cold will bring diseases to animals, and it is irreversible. Laying rubber mats on the farm can effectively alleviate this problem. 

The rubber mat itself is odorless and non-toxic. It is very environmentally friendly and can be moved at any time. The general service life is 7 to 10 years. Compared with EVA, rubber is more wear-resistant and has a long service life. It can maintain good performance even in the harshest climate.

Rubber mat for dairy farm is a good behavior and it can bring many benefits to the farm in daily use:

  • Relief of joint diseases caused by animals standing for a long time
  • Isolate the dust of surface impurities in the air, causing animal respiratory diseases
  • Protect the cow’s udder from being squeezed by external forces, causing inflammation, resulting in insufficient daily milk supply
  • Easier to clean, the cleaned sewage, and the rainwater in the rainy season will be quickly discharged through the gaps in the surface pattern, and will not cause water seepage like EVA
  • Reduce severe disease in animals from winter cold
  • Relieve fatigue

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