CAD Custom industrial rubber gasket seals waterproofing and oil resistance

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Material: SBR/NBR/CR/EPDM/FKM/NR rubber

Feature: Oil resistance, Acid and alkali resistance, High and low temperature resistance, Waterproofing etc.

Size: Custom

Color: Custom


Parameter List of Rubber Gasket Material

rubber gasket suppliers

rubber gasket suppliers for producing rubber sheet

rubber gasket suppliers

Because we are a manufacturer of rubber sheets and have 20 years of experience, we know more about the importance of rubber materials to the production of gaskets. 

From raw material processing to finished products, we have established strict product testing procedures to ensure that rubber sheets can be cut into gaskets on the premise of being qualified, so as to ensure that the rubber gasketed can work smoothly.

Special shape customization – we accept customization of different sizes and different styles. You can prepare the drawings for us first, and we will reply to you according to the drawings. Of course, you can directly communicate with us for simple products

The price is right – according to your drawings and other requirements, we will give you the right price

The rubber basket has a wide range of applications – more of them are the rubber basket required by the  manufacturing industry, or used for sealing, oil resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, high elasticity, and various purposes.

A qualified rubber gasket suppliers

As a rubber gasket suppliers, we provide a wide range of gaskets and seals, from simple gaskets and gaskets to professional seals. We use various production methods and the most advanced machinery to provide high-quality solutions.

With a large number of conventional stock materials, including our rubber sheets (we are not just rubber gasket suppliers, we are also a rubber sheet professional manufacturer), we can realise the conversion from rubber sheets to rubber gaskets, seals, gaskets and other rubber products in a very short time. 

Rubber companies can use die-cutting, digital CNC cutting, water jet cutting and lathe cutting processes.

The use of advanced CNC machines eliminates the need for tool costs and provides cost-effective prototyping options.

We can help design and cut any size or shape based on your measurements, drawings or existing samples.

Heibei No.6 Rubber Co., Ltd. can also produce precision rubber seals through molding and extrusion, in addition to handling stock materials. We have a diverse selection of rubber compounds to suit different sealing applications and environments.

As a rubber gasket supplier, what can we offer you?

Our die cut gaskets are more time- and cost-effective for small- to large-scale production runs. The advantage of die-cutting is its simplicity. Most methods require only two key components: a die or a cutting machine. This operation will minimise errors in the die cut gasket itself. For more complex gaskets, we use different tools.

As rubber gasket suppliers, we can cooperate directly with customers, so that we can communicate more directly with you and produce cutting molds that meet your requirements. With more than 20 years of experience, we can provide reliable suggestions on the best cutting solutions. 

Our metal molds can provide strict tolerance within a wide range of dimensions. Once the tool is produced, we can reuse the mold in any future production runs. In the long run, this can save you time and money, while also ensuring that you get consistent gaskets.

The die-cutting process is directly controlled by our skilled staff, unlike other production methods. This allows us to directly manage the spacing between each shim we create. Consequently, the waste generated by our die-cutting gaskets is substantially lower. 

On average, we can obtain more gaskets from a single sheet of paper with this method than with water jet or CNC machine tool cutting methods. 

If you are uncertain about which production method would be best for your needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly and helpful staff are always available to ensure that you get the best seals possible.

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Black, Blue, Green, Orange, White


150%, 180%, 200%, 300%, 380%


1.05g/cm³, 1.25g/cm³, 1.35g/cm³, 1.4g/cm³, 1.5g/cm³, 1.6g/cm³, 1.7g/cm³, 1.8g/cm³, 2.1g/cm3


35±5° Shore A, 60-70 Shore A, 60±5° Shore A, 65±5 Shore A, 70±5 Shore A


1.5mm, 10mm, 2mm, 3-8mm