NR material 150m length rubber conveyor belt

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Rubber conveyor belt includes: flame retardant, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and insulating rubber sheets, etc. These rubber conveyor belts are suitable for a wide range of applications, including mining, quarrying, food processing and other industries where heavy or abrasive materials need to be conveyed.

rubber conveyor belt suppliers
rubber conveyor belt suppliers
rubber conveyor belt suppliers

Rubber conveyor belt suppliers

Custom surface

We have invested a new production line in China to produce conveyor belts. The conveyor belt is an important part of the quarry and mine transportation and processing. The durability of the conveyor belt is not comparable to that of ordinary rubber sheets, because this material is NR. So it can also be used to transport food and grain.

Rubber conveyor belts are highly applicable for bulk material and unit load handling, as well as for use in a wide variety of industrial processes. We have stocked up on the most commonly used types, and our team is on standby to provide specialist advice when it comes to product selection and belt dimension design. These heavy rubber conveyor belts offer excellent abrasion resistance, thus providing an ideal solution for many applications.

Rubber conveyor belt suppliers description

Our conveyor belt is constructed with a blend of NR, which has been wrapped in a cloth fabric. This particular material makes it the ideal choice for industrial pads, flaps, and strips as well as for use as a belt conveyor. With natural rubber as its main component, our belt conveyor offers maximum resilience when it comes to withstanding pressure and impact force from various industrial processes or heavy-duty materials.

The nylon cloth increases the life expectancy and wear resistance of our product. Additionally, the mixure of transverse polyester cords and fabric layers guarantee that the height of our rubber belt can be enlarged (expanded) without sacrificing performance or quality.

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