17mm 4ft x 6ft Round stud rubber mat flooring

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1. Material: : vulcanized rubber
2. Thickness: 17mm
3. Size: 4 x 6ft
4. Long Service life 7-10 years

Round stud rubber mat detail:

rubber stud flooring
rubber stud flooring

The rubber stud flooring is made of two layers, upper and lower, laminated rubber, without any air bubbles, the overall appearance is beautiful and has strong anti-slip properties. The heavy-duty rubber stud flooring is not easy to move. It is not only suitable for industry, but also for agriculture.

This rubber pad provides reliable traction and grip, 

minimizing the risk of accidents and increasing productivity. Its versatility makes it an ideal rubber stud flooring choice for a variety of applications, ensuring long-lasting performance and satisfaction.

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rubber stud flooring