1.5g/cm³ reinforced neoprene rubber sheet nylon

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1. Material: Neoprene rubber + Nylon
2. Thickness:1mm-100mm
3. Width: 1m/1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m
4. Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll or as your request
5. Gravity: 1.5g/cm3
6. Hardness:65±5
7. Tensile strength: 3-4Mpa
8. Elongation: 200%
9. Working Temperature: -40℃-100℃


Reinforced neoprene rubber sheet data sheet:

1mm1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m1.5KGS/M²
1.5mm1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m2.25KGS/M²
1.7mm1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m2.55KGS/M²
2mm1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m3KGS/M²
3mm1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m4.5KGS/M²
4mm1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m6KGS/M²
5mm1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m7.5KGS/M²
6mm1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m9KGS/M²
8mm1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m13.5KGS/M²
10mm1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m15KGS/M²
12mm1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m18KGS/M²
15mm1m /1.2m/1.4m/1.5m/1.6m/1.8m/2.0m22.5KGS/M²

Reinforced neoprene sheet description:

Reinforced neoprene rubber sheet is a specialized type of rubber sheet that has been strengthened with additional materials for enhanced durability and strength. Neoprene rubber is a synthetic material known for its excellent resistance to a wide range of oils, chemicals, and weather conditions. However, to further enhance its capabilities, manufacturers often add reinforcement materials such as nylon, polyester, or fiberglass to the neoprene rubber sheet. 

This reinforcement provides added tensile strength, tear resistance, and dimensional stability to the rubber sheet, making it suitable for even more demanding applications. The reinforced neoprene rubber sheet is commonly used in various industries, including automotive, construction, mining, and marine sectors, where it is ideal for gaskets, seals, conveyor belts, couplings, and other applications that require a strong and resilient material. 

The combination of neoprene rubber’s inherent qualities and the added reinforcement materials ensures that the rubber sheet can withstand harsh environments, high pressures, and heavy loads, making it a reliable and durable choice in many industrial settings.

reinforced neoprene sheet
reinforced neoprene sheet
reinforced neoprene sheet