Middle quality 1.5g/cm³ black nitrile rubber roll

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Medium oil resistance
excellent physical properties
Wear-resistant and durable
Can be used in oil and gas environments

nitrile rubber roll

Nitrile rubber roll


NBR rubber sheet is also known as Buna-N. It is a widely used synthetic rubber roll. Due to its good resistance to oil, it can be used in oil and gas projects (only high-quality nitrile rubber roll). Medium-quality ones are not suitable for places where oil and gas are relatively heavy. 

Yes, it will shorten the duration of use, but if it is a normal environment, this quality is more than enough.

Nitrile rubber roll has an obvious effect on oils, but it is not ideal for chemicals and is not corrosion-resistant, so it cannot be used in chemical laboratories or industries. At the same time, NBR rubber has good tolerance to aromatic compounds, but in addition to ketones, it can still maintain good elasticity when working in oil, gas and aromatic compounds.

We can cut according to specific projects or projects, not only in rolls, but also in strips, rectangular sheets, CNC cut gaskets, and seals.

nitrile rubber roll
nitrile rubber roll







60±5° Shore A