1.5g/cm³ 3mm Neoprene rubber rolls top quality

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1. Material: CR Material recycled rubber
2. Thickness:1mm-100mm
3. Width: 3m max
4. Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll or as your request
5. Gravity: 1.5g/cm3
6. Hardness:60±5
7. Tensile strength: 3Mpa
8. Elongation: 230%

Neoprene rubber rolls

Neoprene rubber rolls are a multi-purpose elastomer with good comprehensive performance.
Neoprene rubber roll  has good tensile strength, excellent physical toughness; better heat resistance, ozone resistance, weather aging resistance, heat resistance is better than nitrile rubber sheet.

The weather resistance is inferior to that of EPDM rubber sheet; good oil resistance and chemical corrosion performance; Neoprene rubber rolls are flame retardant, does not spontaneously combust, can burn when exposed to flame, self-extinguishes after leaving the fire, and the oxygen index is 38- 41.

Material with an oxygen index of 27 is a flame retardant material, and any rubber sheet containing a sufficient concentration of halogen is flame retardant.

Oxygen index is an indicator to measure the combustion performance of materials. Its definition refers to the minimum oxygen volume required for the sample to maintain candle-like combustion in a nitrogen-oxygen mixture; Neoprene rubber roll is inferior to fluorine rubber sheet.

Neoprene rubber rolls are mainly used in flame retardancy, adhesion, medium resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, and medium electrical resistance.

neoprene rubber roll
neoprene rubber roll









60±5° Shore A