Neoprene rubber gasket sheet 2mm commercial

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Material:30% NBR rubber
Tensile strength: 3Mpa
Hardness:65±5Shore A

Neoprene Rubber Gasket Sheet Specification Table

Factory produce

neoprene rubber gasket sheet

Neoprene rubber sheet is produced by a process called polymerization. This process involves the creation of chains of molecules called polymers. 

The chains are then joined together to form a sheet of neoprene rubber. The neoprene rubber sheet is then vulcanized, or treated with heat and chemicals, to increase its strength and durability.

Neoprene rubber gasket sheeting is a type of elastomer with good resistance to heat, oils, and chemicals. 

It is also resistant to abrasion and tears, making it an ideal material for gaskets and seals. Neoprene rubber is also known as chloroprene, and is a synthetic rubber copolymer of chloroprene and acrylics.

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neoprene rubber gasket sheet
neoprene rubber gasket sheet