1.25g/cm³ 1mm black natural rubber roll

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1. Material: 100% recycled rubber

2. Thickness: 3mm

3. Width: 3m max

4. Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll or as your request

5. Gravity: 1.25g/cm3

6. Hardness: 60±5 Shore A

7. Tensile strength: 1~18Mpa

8. Elongation: 200%

Natural rubber roll

Natural rubber roll is a kind of crystalline rubber, which will form crystals when stretched under the action of external force, so the rubber sheet made of natural rubber roll has good elasticity, but it is not resistant to aging.

The natural rubber sheet roll is mainly made of rubber insulating material. There should be no harmful irregularities on the upper and lower surfaces of the insulating mat. Therefore, it is widely used in substations, power plants, power distribution rooms, laboratories, and field live work.

Natural rubber roll sheet has good gas permeability, water resistance, cold resistance, electrical insulation and heat insulation properties, etc., and is widely used in quarrying and mining, coal mines, cement and other industries.

Natural rubber roll should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, away from heat sources, and more than 20cm away from the ground and walls. Avoid being polluted by acid, alkali and oil, do not put it in the open air, and avoid direct sunlight.

We can customize natural rubber sheets of various specifications and colors according to your needs. If you are interested, please click the button at the bottom of the page to communicate with us in time. It is a pleasure to serve you.

natural rubber roll