Multipurpose neoprene rubber sheet 1.4g/cm³ black chloroprene rubber sheet

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Neoprene rubber sheet is a type of synthetic rubber that is used in a variety of applications.

Neoprene rubber has a number of desirable properties, including resistance to heat, chemical resistance, and good electrical insulation properties.

Technical Parameters

Multipurpose neoprene rubber sheet production line image

multipurpose neoprene rubber sheet
multipurpose neoprene rubber sheet
multipurpose neoprene rubber sheet

Description of multipurpose neoprene rubber sheet:

A multipurpose neoprene rubber sheet can have a variety of uses. It can be used as a gasket or seal in machines, or as a mat or padding in equipment. It can also be used to make neoprene rubber products, such as wetsuits, life jackets, and scuba diving equipment.

Neoprene rubber sheeting is a versatile synthetic rubber that can be used for a variety of applications, from gaskets and seals to electrical insulation and vibration isolation. Neoprene rubber has good chemical resistance and handles both high and low temperatures well, making it an ideal material for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

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