1.8g/cm³ 5mm Purple natural latex rubber roll

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1. Material: 100% recycled rubber

2. Thickness: 5mm

3. Width: 3m max

4. Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll or as your request

5. Gravity: 1.8g/cm3

6. Hardness: 60±5 Shore A

7. Tensile strength: 1~18Mpa

8. Elongation: 200%

Purple latex rubber sheet suppliers

Note: This is not the highest quality natural rubber sheet

Natural rubber sheet is made of natural rubber mixed with a small amount of SBR and other base materials, and manufactured by drum vulcanization, so its plane is very smooth without any bubbles, but compared with natural rubber with a lower specific gravity such as 1.05/1.25g/cm³ Rubber sheet, the quality will be low, we can also produce higher quality, if you need, please contact us to do this work for you>>

The scope of application of natural rubber sheets is also very wide, and compared with other synthetic rubber sheets, there are more colors and bright colors. 

This 1.8g/cm³ rubber sheet has 200% elongation and medium hardness, which is more suitable for some Used in industrial industries, such as gaskets, the most obvious advantage of natural rubber is its superior stretchability, excellent elongation and no deformation when rebounding, high resilience, permanent deformation resistance, and good Tear resistance. Of course, the above is not the best.

The production of natural rubber sheets has a small odor, and there is no very pungent smell of rubber such as pure SBR/NBR/CR (only refers to low-quality rubber sheets). If you need rubber sheets with less odor in your work, then natural Rubber sheets are tantamount to the best choice.

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60±5° Shore A