Jack rubber block black custom wear resistance

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Material: 100% recycled rubber

Top : Antiskid grain

Gravity: 1.5g/cm3  1.6g/cm3  1.7g/cm3  1.8g/cm3  1.9g/cm3  etc.

Hardness: 60~70 Shore A

Color: Black

Feature: Wearable, shock absorption


Nonstandard Customized Jack Rubber Block

Advantages of using jack rubber block

Most hydraulic floor jacks and vehicles are compatible with this product. It will also prevent your frame rail pinch welds from bending when you use a jack to lift your car. In addition, jack rubber block is made of durable anti slip rubber construction.

  1. The suspension parts are protected with painting or coating.
  2. Slip is reduced and extra grip is increased.
  3. The chassis guide rail is prevented from scratching, bending or breaking.
  4. The jack rubber block is durable: reusable, super tough, and not easy to tear.

Different jack rubber block

Automotive hoses are generally used to connect the engine and air filter, engine and radiator system, and automotive air conditioning system. 

As they are part of the intake system, they are close to the engine and need to be resistant to high temperatures, oil, corrosion, and aging. There are many different types of materials used in automotive hoses depending on the required processing technology. 

For example, NBR nitrile rubber is widely used in vacuum brake tubes due to its good oil resistance and high plastic content, but its ozone resistance is relatively poor. EPDM  rubber is used in automotive water pipes such as radiator hoses and air conditioning tubes.

This pinch weld jack adapter is designed with a durable rubber structure and cross slotted design to provide greater cushioning and compression capacity.

It can effectively resist pressure and cope with extreme environments, providing more protection while traveling. It is also sturdy enough to support your lift point while soft enough to prevent crushing the contact area.

This floor jack rubber block puck fits most Jacks and vehicles. Please verify dimensions and ensure fitment to your vehicle before purchase.

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150%, 180%, 200%


1.5g/cm³, 1.6g/cm³, 1.7g/cm³, 1.8g/cm³, 2.1g/cm3


60-70 Shore A