17mm interlocking stable mats black rubber material heavy duty

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  1. Interlock sides for easier splicing and disassembly
  2. Protect animals from the cold
  3. Protect animals from joint injuries
  4. Reduce bacterial growth
  5. Reduce air pollution


interlocking stable mats Image detail

interlocking stable mats
interlocking stable mats

interlocking stable mats description

These are not conventional interlocking stable mats of 1.22m*1.83m, but 1m*2m specially customized according to customer needs. They are cut into interlocking edges by direct cutting, and there is no burr on the entire edge, which can be directly spliced without additional tools. 

It is also more convenient to disassemble. With the movement of the farm or barn, it can be disassembled and reinstalled, so there is no need to buy again to reduce expenses.

The use of interlocking stable mats is to provide animals with a better living environment, thereby bringing better economic benefits to farmers. Interlocking stable mats can reduce the chance of animals getting sick to a certain extent, and are also easier to care for, without spending a long time in On the farm, compared with the ground, the mat made of high-quality rubber is softer and less cold than the ground. 

Especially in the cold season of winter, animals may get sick due to cold invasion, and the hard ground has a greater impact on the joints. Large, standing for a long time or animals habitually lying down on the ground to rest will more or less cause inflammation. The rubber mat can well isolate the ground from direct contact with the animal and form a protection.

Secondly, interlocking stable mats are waterproof, and daily urine erosion can be discharged through the surface grooves in time. It needs to be cleaned regularly, and bacteria will not grow. Moreover, the grooves on the back are for better drainage of accumulated water in the rainy season and prevent the ground damp.

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interlocking stable mats