interlocking cow mats 17mm black heavy duty

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Full and smooth overlock
Easier and easier splicing
Easy to disassemble, easy to move, reuse
weatherproof and clean

interlocking cow mats

Interlocking cow mats factory

heavy duty cow mat description

Interlocking cow mats can make the urine of cows flow out from the top without forming on the ground, avoiding the growth of bacteria, and rainwater will not accumulate in rainy days. 

The grooves on the back provide help for the drainage of liquid, which is more beneficial and fast The discharge, the dense dots on the surface can relieve the cows who stand for a long time, the stiffness of the legs, and resist the feeling of fatigue.

The best advantage of using interlocking cow mats is to reduce the probability of bacteria and microbial infection, prevent animal diseases and reduce economic expenditures. 

At the same time, the rubber is relatively soft, and the udders of cows will not be damaged by hard impacts, reducing the risk of mastitis. Pressure, which is also a loss for farmers.

Rubber mats can not only be laid on the ground, we also support the production of compartment mats, which can protect animals from cold invasion, especially in winter, and reduce air pollution.

Interlocking cow mats are also easy to clean. You need a high-pressure gun to spray directly on the surface of the mat. You can add some cleaning agent to improve it. After washing, you can wipe it or dry it naturally. The rubber mat will not seep water, so you don’t have to worry about the mat being wet after cleaning.

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interlocking cow mats
interlocking cow mats