Insulated rubber flooring 1.5g/cm³ 3mm electrical safety mat 5kv~15kv

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Insulated rubber flooring is a type of flooring that is made from rubber that has been specifically designed to be used in areas where insulation is required. Insulated rubber flooring is also often used in industrial applications, as it is able to withstand high levels of wear and tear.

Technical Parameters

Insulated rubber flooring production line image

insulated rubber flooring

Insulated rubber flooring can withstand 5kv~15kv, making it ideal for industrial and commercial applications where electrical safety is a concern. This type of flooring is also resistant to chemical damage and can be easily cleaned, making it a versatile and durable option for many different settings.

The surface of the insulated rubber flooring is corrugated, which also provides cushioning measures, which can prevent slipping in the presence of oil, water, and other liquids, and can be used in various high and low pressure places, with bright colors (we can customize other Color), customized according to customer requirements, and we provide insulation test reports to ensure that the quality of the product is up to standard.

insulated rubber flooring

We offer a wide range of high voltage insulating rubber flooring options not limited to from 5kv to 15kv. We can also provide higher voltage options upon request. Our floors are designed to provide a safe and durable surface for a variety of applications.








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