Natural insertion rubber sheet with ply 1.5g/cm³

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Insertion rubber is a wear-resistant rubber material that can resist impact, abrasion, and compression. It is often used in applications where traditional rubber materials would wear out quickly, such as in conveyor belts, gaskets, and seals. Insertion rubber is also used in tires, since it can help to increase their lifespan.


Insertion rubber

The fabric insertion rubber sheets can be made of rubber sheets of various materials. In the process of producing ordinary rubber sheets, high-strength canvas is added to increase the tensile strength and have a high bearing capacity. Rubber sheeting are wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, anti-fouling, and flame-retardant, and are widely used in automobile manufacturing, construction, electronics, petrochemical industries, and stadiums.

The high-toughness vulcanized rubber bearing surface of the rubber sheeting is safer, more secure, durable, and has a longer service life. The traditional vulcanized rubber is improved, and the middle is thickened with two layers of cloth, which is constantly wear-resistant when folded in half, and the resilience increases the service life.

Choose different fabric insert rubber according to different working conditions, and different environments and actual application requirements, the optional process is also different. In the case of high temperature, thermalization method is generally used to heat the rubber sheet to improve the temperature resistance of the insertion rubber .