heavy duty rubber stable mats 12mm

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  • Environment-friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Wear-resistant
  • Anti-aging
  • Customized

Heavy duty rubber stable mats

The main function of  rubber stable mats is non-slip comfort. Ordinary concrete floors or wooden floors are slippery, and cows or other livestock are more likely to fall down. The cows will reduce their activity, reduce the frequency of eating and drinking, and then affect milk production. In addition, the hoof disease of cattle is also one of the common diseases, and the soft heavy duty rubber stable mats can make the force on the hoof of the cow even and protect the hoof.

The ground laid by heavy duty rubber stable mats requires smoothness, cleanliness, comfort, and elegant appearance. Heavy duty rubber stable mats has good anti-skid effect, prevents livestock from falling and injury, reduces medical expenses, reduces the elimination rate of dairy cows, increases milk production, and increases economic benefits.

The special design of the pattern on the surface of the rubber stable mats has the function of massaging and health care for the livestock, and avoids the fatigue of the livestock standing for a long time. The heavy duty rubber stable mats is heat-insulating, cold-proof and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, with an average service life of more than 7 years, which reduces replacement costs and is easy to install.

Stable mats as a suitable sleeping place for livestock can reduce the risk of respiratory infections, are easy to clean and save cleanup time. Heavy duty rubber stable mats acts as a good insulating layer and can help prevent concussions caused by concrete floors.

heavy duty rubber stable mats
heavy duty rubber stable mats





65±5 Shore A