Blue 4ftx6ft small round dots heavy duty cow mats

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Thickness: 12/17/19/25.4mm
Design: Small Round dot + Groove
Material: Rubber
Size: 4FT X 6FT

heavy duty cow mats

Heavy duty cow mats

Heavy duty cow mats are made of high-quality recycled rubber vulcanization. The whole is smooth and brightly colored. The surface has many anti-skid small dot patterns. 

These small dots can effectively prevent falls and fatigue from standing on the mat for a long time. To increase the comfort of animals, the cow mats have wide stripes and grooves on the back. The grooves can play a drainage role. 

Even if it is raining outside, don’t worry, the water on the ground will be drained quickly with the grooves, and will not be in the water. Microorganisms and bacteria grow under the mat, which can affect animal health for a long time.

Farmers spend a lot of time and energy building their own farms to make a profit. Animal injury is a big loss for farmers, so how to protect cows or horses from harm becomes very important, especially to protect the respiratory tract, joints, Breasts and heavy duty cow mats can solve these problems very well. High-quality rubber itself does not have any irritating odor. 

When the mat is laid on the farm, it will avoid the dust and impurities in the air from intruding into the respiratory tract of animals, and this rubber mat is easy to clean. As long as you do a good job of cleaning regularly, you will reduce the harm to animals.

In some places where the weather is cold in winter, the cold air on the ground is also a kind of harm to animals. Heavy duty cow mats can well isolate the ground from animals. Standing for a long time will make the joints of animals stiff and sick. Cow mats can relieve fatigue, which is also very important.

4FTX6FT mats are easy to lay. We usually export this kind of small dot heavy cow mats in the form of pallets and sheets. But if you have other needs, or your farm is not suitable for this method, you can contact us to solve it >>

We not only produce sheets, but also large rolls and seams. These rubber mats of different specifications also have a large amount of stock every day, in order to keep the price stable and deliver quickly, but don’t worry, we will guarantee the quality.