Green 1.5g/cm³ NBR material rubber sheet roll

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Green color NBR material rubber sheet
3mm thin rubber sheet
Acid and alkali resistance low quality rubber
High quality can be customized

green rubber sheet
green rubber sheet

Green rubber sheet roll production line

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The green rubber sheet is vulcanized by mixing nitrile rubber and natural rubber. Based on the excellent raw materials, the vulcanized rubber sheet inherits this feature, especially in terms of oil resistance, which is higher than other rubber sheets.

And we divide it into Three simple grades: low quality, medium quality and high quality, all have different degrees of oil resistance, like this low-quality green rubber sheet, its oil resistance is not high, for oil and gas engineering The use will have an impact on the service life.

For this heavy oil environment, a higher level of NBR rubber sheet should be used.

The excess vegetable oil, animal oil, and edible oil of ordinary oil-resistant rubber sheet have acceptable capacity, and perform well, and will not affect the service time, so in general work, it can be used for sealing.

Next, NBR rubber has good physical properties, wear resistance, and relatively high tensile strength, which means that it has good stretchability, tear resistance, and no creases. 

green rubber sheet

It can generally be used in industry, or it can be Used as raw materials for seals, rubber parts, rubber pads, and gaskets.

Usually, black rubber sheets are used more often, but we will produce other colors for customers with special requirements, such as this green rubber, which can also be directly cut into finished gaskets by CNC machines, of course, this requires large quantities of orders, Different colors, different specifications, we will provide, if you need a quotation, then we are also happy to serve you.

green rubber sheet

Factory description

Our factory can produce up to 226 tons a day. After all, we have 2 factories, if you are in a hurry for the rubber sheet you are looking for for your project, we also have stocks of different specifications, which can be provided to you at any time.

There are more than 10 production lines for colored rubber sheets, which can realize high-speed production, order in large quantities, and accept special needs customization.








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