Flame retardant CR material 3mm 1.8g/cm³ black rubber sheet

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Material: recycled rubber, including CR material
Thickness: 2~10mm
CR content: 3%~5%. If the requirements for flame retardancy are high, the content will be different. More than 3%~5% can also be customized
Gravity: 1.8g/cm ³
Hardness: 70 ± 5Shore A

flame retardant rubber

Flame retardant rubber- CR material

Neoprene (CR)rubber is generally known for its chemical properties of acid and alkali resistance, but in addition, it can also be flame retardant and withstand high temperature of combustion. Generally speaking, the flame retardant rubber sheet is of higher quality than the single chloroprene rubber sheet. 

The flame retardant rubber sheet contains special flame retardant, which helps to improve the durability and robustness in high temperature. In general, the rubber is difficult to burn without an open flame. In the case of an open flame, even if it is burned, we can customize the rubber plate to reduce the burning smell. This flame retardant rubber can reduce the smoke when burning. 

It not only has flame retardant properties, but also has the properties of neoprene material. 

When it reaches a certain temperature, the neoprene rubber 

flame retardant rubber

may become hard, but the flame retardant neoprene rubber will be used at a higher temperature and burn flat, Or just burning on the rubber sheet, there is no problem at all.

The neoprene flame retardant rubber that we manufacture varies from standard to advanced materials. This includes ordinary flame retardant boards, commercial flame retardant boards, high-quality flame retardant boards, and halogen-free eco-friendly flame retardant boards. 

The flame retardant rubber sheets we produce have been comprehensively tested by agents and meet all customer requirements and standards.

flame retardant rubber
flame retardant rubber





70±5 Shore A