Fiber reinforced rubber sheet nylon insertion 1.9g/cm³

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Fiber reinforced rubber sheet is a type of rubber sheet that is reinforced with one or more types of fibers. The fibers used can be natural or synthetic, and the reinforcement can be in the form of fabric, mat, or other materials. The sheet can be used in a variety of applications, including as a gasket, roofing material, or soundproofing material.


Technical Parameters

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fiber reinforced rubber sheet
fiber reinforced rubber sheet

Fiber reinforced rubber sheet is a type of material that is reinforced with fibers in order to strengthen it. This reinforcement can be made from a variety of different materials, such as nylon or canvas. The addition of these fibers makes the rubber sheeting much stronger and more durable than it would be without them.

Nylon insertion rubber sheets provide excellent abrasion and wear resistance in areas of high stress and contact. They are commonly used in gaskets, seals, and other applications where resistance to wear and abrasion is needed. Nylon Insertion Rubber Sheets can be custom cut to your specific application needs.

The rubber sheet we produce includes fiber reinforced rubber sheet, and there are different specifications, which can meet most of the needs of the market.

fiber reinforced rubber sheet





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