10mm/12mm/17mm Black 2m width equine rubber matting

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Equine rubber matting is a type of flooring that is made specifically for horses. It is usually made from recycled tires and is very durable. It is a popular choice for horse barns and stalls because it is easy to clean and maintain.

Equine rubber matting

The diversified design of equine rubber matting provides many choices for the farm, which can cover a large area of the original floor and reduce the damage of large animals to the original floor. 

The bottom groove design, wide stripes and grooves can effectively drain water in a short time It is easy to accumulate dirty substances, produce germs for a long time, and reduce tiny particulate matter in the air, effectively preventing the ground from freezing in cold winter, causing animals to fall.

Or invasive damage to the body, especially cows, which are more likely to get sick, breasts It is extremely fragile and needs to be protected, so that enough milk can be produced, but once the cows get sick, it will bring a lot of losses to the farm, so it is necessary to lay equine rubber matting.

These rubber pads are easy to install, remove and move. You don’t have to worry about wear and tear after a long time of use. Rubber rubber is stronger and more durable than EVA, and you don’t have to worry about oily substances dripping on it. 

You just need to clean it and it will disappear. Rubber It has a good resistance to oil, water, sunlight, and ultraviolet rays.

Equine rubber matting made of high-quality rubber has no peculiar smell, and the rubber itself has good softness, so when animals step on it, it will not be as hard as the ground, and the comfortable experience brought by softness is also very important.

What else do you not know about equine rubber matting?

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