1.3g/cm³ Black EPDM rubber sheet roll

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  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber material
  • Excellent aging resistance, long outdoor use time
  • Used in extreme climates
  • Suitable for outdoor use

EPDM rubber sheet factory - Data sheet

epdm rubber sheet factory

EPDM rubber sheet factory

Black rubber roll description

EPDM rubber sheets are usually black, which is used for outdoor and weather stripping. This is due to the excellent performance of EPDM: it is very resistant to ultraviolet rays and the sun, so the outdoor use of wind and sun will not cause the rubber sheet to age in advance, but EPDM is not suitable for mineral oil, acid-base solvents, and aromatic hydrocarbons. 

There is also a rubber sheet that has a longer life outdoors, that is, FKM, but the price of FKM is relatively high. It is still used as a laying in ordinary industries. There are many choices of EPDM for economic impact.

EPDM as a weather strip is also an excellent task, because of the anti-aging, so even if the outdoor weather is harsh, the EPDM rubber strip can play the best role, and it is also very qualified as a seal.

We can cut the shape of the roll according to the needs for transportation, or use various cutting machines to cut into gaskets, seals for sale, no matter which one, our task is to provide customers with the best, highest quality product.

If possible, please send the inquiry directly to our business personnel email export@chn-rubber.com, of course you can find the products you want on our EPDM rubber sheet factory website, our products have passed SGS/ISO/REACH/RoHS2 .0, to ensure that the product quality is qualified.

epdm rubber sheet factory
epdm rubber sheet factory







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