1.6g/cm³ 3mm electrically conductive rubber sheet

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  • Good electrical conductivity
  • Good ability to seal water vapor
  • Wide range of applications
  • Wear-resistant
  • Environmental friendly

Electrically conductive rubber sheet

Electrically conductive rubber sheet is a composite polymer that uniformly distributes conductive particles such as glass silver, aluminum silver, and silver in the rubber sheet. Generally, nitrile rubber is used to make the conductive particles contact through pressure to achieve a good conductive function. conductive material.

Electrically conductive rubber sheet has good water vapor sealing and electromagnetic sealing capabilities, and is widely used in aerospace, ships and weapons and other fields.

In addition to good electrical conductivity, electrically conductive rubber sheet also has good antibacterial ability, high cost performance, and excellent wear resistance, because when used in power engineering, the wear resistance must be strong, so that more can be used number of years.

Because most of the wires use static-conductive rubber sheet materials, this rubber sheet material has a wide range of uses, and it will become more and more convenient in the process of cleaning or maintenance, so that it can be very comprehensive in the antistatic process The effect of the system, then only need to be cleaned during maintenance and it will look very clean.

The craftsmanship of this material is exquisite, and it is often purchased in household electrical engineering. After installation and installation, it can definitely achieve a more guaranteed cleaning effect.

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electrically conductive rubber sheet
electrically conductive rubber sheet