Big round dots black groove back 17/20mm cow rubber sheet

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Thickness: 17/20mm
Design: Big Round dot + Groove
Material: Rubber
Size: 2000mm max width

Cow rubber sheet advantage

Cows standing on the ground for a long time will cause damage to their hooves and joints, but the cow rubber sheet will reduce this effect. 

The cow rubber sheet made of high-quality rubber has no air bubbles through vulcanization itself and has many dots on the surface, which has an anti-slip effect , the softness of the rubber itself will soothe the hooves of cows, improve the comfort and safety of standing on the ground.

And this rubber mat has countless grooves on the ground, which can discharge the ground or cleaned sewage in time , no matter it is raining outside, it will not accumulate water. The cow mat is easy to clean, just need a mop and detergent.

The surface has a lot of large dot patterns, which can prevent animals from falling, especially when cows fall down and squeeze the udder, causing inflammation, which affects the economic benefits of the farm, but this mat can effectively solve this problem for farmers.

Cow rubber sheet factory

Our cow rubber sheet are very resilient and cost-effective in price as they are made from 100% recycled and re-vulcanized rubber. So, when we talk about cow pad prices, we are referring to the material and specifications of the product itself.

Our stable mats are super easy to clean – all you need is some cleaning solution and water. Additionally, regular cleaning creates a safe and satisfying environment for animals. Plus, the textured surface improves grip and provides extra warmth and insulation.