1m*2m Heaavy duty black 17mm thickness cow mat

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1m*2m rubber pad design
softer and more durable
Dust and treat stains with ease

Cow mat detail

cow mat
cow mat


cow mat


Advantages of laying heavy cow mat on the farm:

Animals that spend a lot of time on hard ground are at risk for joint problems. In cold weather, animals can get cold if they touch the ground directly. Rubber stable mats are 17mm thick, which is moderate and animals don’t have to touch the ground to stay warm.

Urine and feces can create bacteria on the ground over time. The original surface can be difficult to clean and takes a long time, which can make animals sick if they live in the same environment for too long. But stable mats can be disposed of quickly and easily. Surface stains can be cleaned with a high-pressure water gun. Just spray it and wait for it to dry. It’s also comfortable for animals.

Better life for animals can increase income, which is good for farmers. The price of 17mm rubber stable mats is also very reasonable.

Many of our customers use the cow mat directly on their farms because it doesn’t have a heavy smell. You can remove the packaging and put it in a clean and open place for deodorization, which will make the cow mat more odorless and won’t harm animals. The mat can have a positive impact on your farm.