Cow mat roll 17/20mm black heavy duty round dot square + groove

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Thickness: 17/20mm
Design: Round dot & square + Groove
Material: Rubber
Size: 2000 max width

cow mat roll

Black cow mat roll

This rubber mat is cut and packaged in the form of a roll. The overall weight is relatively heavy. It is very suitable for use in some farms and farms. It is easy to install without too complicated a process. The surface is extremely non-slip. 

Drainage, the mat produced by this kind of high-quality rubber has a relatively light odor, and it will not cause harm to animals for long-term use. It is very simple to clean and can be cleaned regularly. 

Waterproof and non-leakage, it is isolated from the hard surface, which can not only protect the ground, but also prevent the surface from harming animals, and prevent dust from raising and causing damage to the animal’s respiratory tract.

cow mat roll

Cow mat roll advantage:

Interlocking cow mat roll are an excellent flooring choice for cattle stalls and horse barns. They offer many advantages for both cows and their owners. Horse stall mats keep dairy cows safe and comfortable when standing in place for long periods of time. 

They can also help to keep them healthy on the inside. Owners will benefit from these because their cows become more productive due to their increased comfort, and they find that cow mats are easy to clean. 

Interlocking cow mat roll are often made out of eco-friendly, durable, and long-lasting material. Cattle are a huge investment of time and money, especially in dairy plants. They require great care to keep them healthy so that they are producing good quality milk. Owners will want to protect their investment with rubber cow mats.

Cow mat roll are beneficial to dairy cows as they offer a cushion from the cold, hard ground which can prevent arthritis. Arrangements for veterinary care can be costly for farmers, however, stall flooring lessens the amount spent as it maintains the health and safety of animals. 

Cracked, hard surfaces can be a tripping hazard for cattle, however, interlocking cow mat roll provide a safe, reliable surface to walk on.