Honeycomb surface fabric texture back with 1 PLY fabric insert

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Thickness: 6/8/10/12/17mm
Design: Honeycomb surface fabric texture back
Material: Rubber
Size: 4FT X 6FT
Color:2000mm MAX Width

Cow Mat Factory

The surface of the cow mat roll has anti-skid patterns that look like hammers. These increase friction while protecting the animals. The back of the cow pad is different from other groove shapes. 

It is flat, which makes the pad softer. The animal will not press the udder and cause inflammation when resting. This also makes it easier to clean overall.

As a cow mat factory in China, we are dedicated to researching new styles for animal farms. This way, we can ensure the interests of farmers and provide a more comfortable experience to animals. 

We have many sizes of cow mats available. If you have difficulty choosing the right one, you can contact our business. We will provide a product catalog and more professional service. >>

The cow mat surface we designed has very good anti-slip textures, these textures can fully and effectively prevent falls, and provide excellent anti-fatigue effect, these heavy-duty mats can provide extra impact resistance, shock absorption, 

and will not damage the original The floor will cause a damage, and the sound insulation effect is also very good. It is isolated from the wet and hard floor or ground surface, and will not directly cause harm to animals. 

Long-term breeding needs to produce a lot of feces and urine on the mat or the surface in time. After a long time, it will cause harm to the animals, but the existence of the rubber mat can avoid this problem well, and it can be cleaned in time. 

Only a mop and detergent are needed. Can be cleaned anywhere.

As a cow mat factory, we must be responsible for the health of animals. The mats we produce are naturally odorless and will not produce irritating odors. The service life is basically 7 to 10 years, and the use time is long.

Cow mat factory - cow mat advantage

  • Surface anti-slip pattern provides excellent anti-slip, anti-fatigue performance.
  • The impact force produced by large animals can be well resisted.
  • High-quality rubber itself has excellent shockproof and sound insulation effects.
  • Protect animals from hard, wet, cold floors.
  • Reduce the respiratory diseases caused by animals due to poor air, and reduce the dust in the air caused by the surface.
  • It will not be corroded by long-term defecation and urine of animals.
  • The surface is easier to clean.
  • High-quality rubber will not produce irritating odor and cause physical harm to animals.
  • Waterproof, it can be easily cleaned no matter it is a rainy day or the sewage that is usually cleaned, and the mat will not absorb water and penetrate at all.
  • The use time is as long as 7-10 years.