Conductive rubber sheet 1.5g/cm³ black SBR material

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Excellent electrical conductivity
Tested standard rubber sheet

Conductive rubber sheet


conductive rubber sheet

The raw material of the conductive rubber sheet is a mixture of SBR and natural rubber, which will not produce curls and creases even after long-term use.

The rubber resistance value we produce is fully up to standard, and it will be shipped to customers only after testing, but we will not provide inventory, because long-term inventory products will change the resistance, what you see is only our existing customers product orders.

conductive rubber sheet

SBR rubber sheet has wear-resistant performance, which is very superior, and the economic cost is relatively low, and the scope of application is relatively wide. 

With the addition of conductivity, it is used for EMF shielding and live gaskets, and the effect is very good. The thinner rubber sheet is also very stretchable, and the resistance value corresponding to the degree of stretching will also change.

conductive rubber sheet

Both sides of the conductive rubber sheet are smooth black surface layers, and we will add a protective peelable film layer, which is to protect the rubber sheet from being exposed to the air for a long time and lose its effect during transportation. Applications include defense, electronics Shielded and sealed electrical enclosures and connectors for industries such as technology and medical.








60±5° Shore A