1.5 g/cm³ 3mm White anti slip coin rubber sheet

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Material: 100% recycled rubber


Width: 1.6M MAX

Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll 25m/roll or as your request

Top :Round button pattern + Back textured

Gravity: 1.5 g/cm3

Hardness: 65±5 Shore A

Tensile Strength: 3Mpa


Color: White, Black, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow

Feature: Anti slip, wearable, shock absorption

Anti Slip rubber sheet - Coin rubber sheet

The coin rubber sheet is a sheet-shaped product with a certain thickness, a large area and a specific pattern, which is made of rubber as the main material through vulcanization and other processes.

Widely used in hotels, gymnasiums, hotels, conference halls, gymnasiums, kitchens, warehouses and toilets and other ground laying, with fitness, beautification and anti-skid functions. Its physical properties are very stable, with medium pressure, suitable for storage in a dry and ventilated environment, away from heat sources, to avoid being polluted by acid, alkali and oil, and not to be placed in the open air, so as to avoid direct sunlight.

It is widely used in power plants, substations, power distribution rooms, laboratories and field live work, and has good insulation performance. There are many kinds of colors, which play a role in beautifying while anti-skid. It is solid, wear-resistant and anti-aging, non-toxic, non-polluting and mildew-free, so it can be laid indoors with confidence.

The coin rubber sheet is easy to install and does not need to be glued and nailed. Its color, pattern and specification can be customized, cut, combined and adjusted at will. 

The coin rubber sheet is easy to clean and has strong stain resistance, whether it is dry cleaning or washing is very convenient. The non-slip rubber sheet has good oxidation resistance, can withstand ultraviolet radiation, and has high anti-ultraviolet performance, which can meet the needs of outdoor use.

The non-slip rubber sheeting has moderate elasticity, and has the minimum friction force and shock absorption capacity suitable for people to walk and stand for a long time. It is safe, functional, and decorative. This overcomes the shortcomings of hard traditional floor tiles and can Let the user always be in a comfortable physical and psychological state during use, feel comfortable on the feet, and relax physically and mentally.

If the coin rubber sheet is used to lay the field, it can not only maximize the skills of the competitors, but also reduce the damage to the human body caused by jumping and equipment movement. It is laid in the sports venues where the elderly and children exercise, which is safe for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children. Played a good protective role.