12/17mm Black hexagon horse barn stable mat

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Thickness: 12/17mm
Design: Hexagon + Small cube
Material: Rubber
Size: 4FT X 6FT

Hexagon rubber mats - China stable mat

Our stable mats are the perfect choice for dairy cows and other heavy livestock. Our mats are designed to reduce stress and strain on the animal while being easy to install and remove. The mat has a unique feature that reduces fatigue resistance. 

This is due to the hardness of the rubber being able to compress slightly under the weight of the cow, thus encouraging the cow to move around. This has been shown to reduce the risk of ligament.

Looking for the highest quality stable mats available? Look no further than Hebei No.6 Rubber Co.,Ltd! Our heavy duty horse stall mats are designed specifically for dairy cows and other heavy livestock.

China stable mat - What are the benefits of using them

There are two main types of rubber cow mats available on the market – those with straight sides and those with interlocking sides. Both options offer the same level of durability, slip resistance and fatigue resistance. 

The interlocking option is ideal for customers who want to cover a larger area or who want the convenience of a single connection surface.

Cow mats keep cows comfortable and stress-free, and can avoid illnesses caused by winter cold. They improve milk/meat production with theircow rubber mats, which have an attractive hexagon pattern. 

The mats also have a non-slip surface, preventing joint diseases caused by animal falls. Thanks to their excellent foot/floor low temperature insulation, they are easy to clean and more hygienic.

Are you in search of a reliable China stable mat factory?

Are you in search of a reliable China stable mat factory? We are a China stable mat manufacturer with 2 factories and more than a 50 production lines. 

This allows us to mass produce dairy farm mats of 4x6ft specifications with a hexagon + small cube anti-slip pattern on the surface. 

It has a soft texture and will not crack, providing a comfortable environment for the animal. Moreover, it protects the delicate udder of the cow from harm as the animal directly touches the ground. 

In some cold and rainy areas with high moisture levels, prolonged exposure can cause diseases. The mat protects animals from the cold ground, especially cows that need careful care to stay healthy and produce high quality milk.